Poweroad Nano-Gel CYG7A4A

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Poweroad Nano-Gel batteries are the only power sports battery that can be truly called nano gel. Featuring a special blend of silica dioxide sourced from Germany that is mixed, cut & filled by exacting processes at the factory. By controlling production in this way, Poweroad can provide the most reliable & best performing replacement batteries. The Gel range are vibration proof, maintenance free & can be mounted in any position.

1 Year Warranty. Please note: as with any battery, periodic use or charging is still required.

12v, 7Ah, 120CCA
L:149 W:59 H:130mm (+-1)

Fitments:YB7BB YB7B-B
Honda: CTX200 Bushlander AG, 2003-2015; XRB200R (Brazil), all years
Yamaha: SX4 Scorpio Z 225, 2007-2013; TT-R225, 1999-2004

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