PowerRoad Nano-Gel: CYGZ20HLBS

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The Poweroad Nano-Gel power sports battery range is rapidly gaining a reputation for ease of use and great performance. The Gel range are vibration proof, maintenance free and can be mounted in any position.

Poweroad Nano-Gel batteries are the only power sports battery that can be truly called Nano-Gel. Featuring a special blend of silica dioxide sourced from Germany that are mixed, cut and filled by exacting processes at the factory. By controlling production in this way, Poweroad Nano-Gel batteries can provide the most reliable and best performing replacement batteries.

One Year Warranty. Please note, as with any battery, periodic use or charging is still required. Sample photo only.

12v, 20Ah, 290CCA/460CA (measured by Midtronic Tester)
L:176 W:87 H:154mm (+-1)

Fitments: 65989-90B, 65989-97C
Too many models and years to list! Please enquire with your bike details
Harley Davidson
Too many models and years to list! Please enquire with your bike details
Chief Classic, 14-16; Chief Dark Horse, 16; Chief Vintage, 14-15; Chieftain, 14-16; Roadmaster, 15-16; Chief Blackhawk, 11-13; Chief Deluxe, 09-13
Boardwalk, 13-16; Cross Country, 11-15; Gunner, 15-16; Hammer, 09; Hammer & Hammer S, 10-15; Hammer 8 Ball, 11-15; High Ball, 12-15; Jackpot, 10-16; Judge, 13-16; Vegas 8 Ball, 10-17; Vegas Jackpot, 09-16; Hammer, 08; Kingpin, 08-10; Vegas, 08-10

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