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  • S272822-1007113 - Prospect WFS Goggle Black/Whit Clear Works
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Kaitaia Motorcycles

SCOTT Prospect WFS Goggle Black White

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The ultimate works solution for unmatched vision in all conditions. The extra inch in your field of vision can be the difference between finishing first or second. With SCOTT’s new WFS 50, the height of the film has been increased by 56 % to become the largest on the market with no less than 50 millimeters. Combined with thin frame construction, the WFS 50 offers up to 50 clear views of massive field of vision, even in the most challenging of racing conditions.

A new feature of the WFS 50 is SCOTT’s Click-On attachment system. No need for tools, no need to waste time; simply click the canisters onto the WORKS pins and ride. The red lever makes sure the canister is safely attached to the pins. This system is the ultimate in WORKS technology: switching from roll offs to tear offs has never been this easy. The canisters being positioned behind the pivoting outriggers and strap results in an increase in field of vision and reduce the chance of being dislodged in an impact. The canister integration results in a more fluid look, achieving necessary style points. Standard Prospect tearoffs can be used with the film system as a holeshot tear off system. No need for additional tear offs.

A larger film requires a redesigned and optimized antistick grid with mudflap. A thin vertical line has been added in the middle of the grid to make sur the film never sticks to the lens. Moreover, the mudflap is made out of a transparent material to offer a larger field of vision in dusty or less extreme conditions.

Delivered with Google bag and 2 films.