Suzuki Motorcycle parts Catalogue

Suzuki Motorcycle Parts Online NZ

Here at Kaitaia Motorcycles we have all of your Suzuki Motorcycle parts needs sorted, click the link for your bike to see what we have. if you cant find what your after we can find what you need just ask in the chat box or flick us an email at

Suzuki_750 Katana SE (GR72A)_1985  Suzuki_GSX1300BK B.King K8_2008  Suzuki_LT-A450X KingQuad K7_2007 
Suzuki_750 Katana SE (GR72A)_1986  Suzuki_GSX1300BK B.King K9_2009  Suzuki_LT-A450X KingQuad K8_2008 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman Executive K6_2006  Suzuki_GSX1300R Hayabusa K1_2001  Suzuki_LT-A450X KingQuad K9_2009 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman Executive K7_2007  Suzuki_GSX1300R Hayabusa K2_2002  Suzuki_LT-A450X KingQuad L0_2010 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman Executive K8_2008  Suzuki_GSX1300R Hayabusa K3_2003  Suzuki_LT-A450X KingQuad L1_2011 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman Executive K9_2009  Suzuki_GSX1300R Hayabusa K4_2004  Suzuki_LT-A450X KingQuad L2_2012 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman Executive L0_2010  Suzuki_GSX1300R Hayabusa K5_2005  Suzuki_LT-A450X KingQuad L3_2013 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman Executive L1_2011  Suzuki_GSX1300R Hayabusa K6_2006  Suzuki_LT-A450X KingQuad L4_2014 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman Executive L2_2012  Suzuki_GSX1300R Hayabusa K7_2007  Suzuki_LT-A500F Vinson 4WD_2002 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman Executive L3_2013  Suzuki_GSX1300R Hayabusa K8_2008  Suzuki_LT-A500F Vinson 4WD_2003 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman Executive L4_2014  Suzuki_GSX1300R Hayabusa K9_2009  Suzuki_LT-A500F Vinson 4WD_2004 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman Executive L5_2015  Suzuki_GSX1300R Hayabusa L0_2010  Suzuki_LT-A500F Vinson 4WD_2005 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman Executive L6_2016  Suzuki_GSX1300R Hayabusa L1_2011  Suzuki_LT-A500F Vinson 4WD_2006 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman Executive L7_2017  Suzuki_GSX1300R Hayabusa L2_2012  Suzuki_LT-A500F Vinson 4WD_2007 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman K2_2002  Suzuki_GSX1300R Hayabusa L3_2013  Suzuki_LT-A500F Vinson 4WD_2008 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman K3_2003  Suzuki_GSX1300R Hayabusa X_1999  Suzuki_LT-A500X KingQuad 4WD L1_2011 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman K4_2004  Suzuki_GSX1300R Hayabusa Y_2000  Suzuki_LT-A500X KingQuad 4WD L2_2012 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman K5_2005  Suzuki_GSX1300RA Hayabusa L3_2013  Suzuki_LT-A500X KingQuad 4WD L3_2013 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman K6_2006  Suzuki_GSX1300RA Hayabusa L4_2014  Suzuki_LT-A500X KingQuad 4WD L4_2014 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman K7_2007  Suzuki_GSX1300RA Hayabusa L5_2015  Suzuki_LT-A500X KingQuad 4WD L5_2015 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman K8_2008  Suzuki_GSX1300RA Hayabusa L6_2016  Suzuki_LT-A500XP KingQuad 4WD K9_2009 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman K9_2009  Suzuki_GSX1300RA Hayabusa L7_2017  Suzuki_LT-A500XP KingQuad 4WD L0_2010 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman L0_2010  Suzuki_GSX1300RA Hayabusa L8_2018  Suzuki_LT-A500XP KingQuad 4WD L1_2011 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman L1_2011  Suzuki_GSX1300RA Hayabusa L9_2019  Suzuki_LT-A500XP KingQuad 4WD L2_2012 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman L2_2012  Suzuki_GSX1400 K1_2001  Suzuki_LT-A500XP KingQuad 4WD L4_2014 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman L3_2013  Suzuki_GSX1400 K2_2002  Suzuki_LT-A500XP KingQuad 4WD L5_2015 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman L4_2014  Suzuki_GSX1400 K3_2003  Suzuki_LT-A500XP KingQuad 4WD L6_2016 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman L5_2015  Suzuki_GSX1400 K4_2004  Suzuki_LT-A500XP KingQuad 4WD L7_2017 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman L6_2016  Suzuki_GSX1400 K5_2005  Suzuki_LT-A700X KingQuad 4WD K5_2005 
Suzuki_AN650 Burgman L7_2017  Suzuki_GSX1400 K6_2006  Suzuki_LT-A700X KingQuad 4WD K6_2006 
Suzuki_Boulevard C109R VLR1800 K7_2007  Suzuki_GSX1400 K7_2007  Suzuki_LT-A700X KingQuad 4WD K7_2007 
Suzuki_Boulevard C109R VLR1800 K8_2008  Suzuki_GSX1400 K8_2008  Suzuki_LT-A700X KingQuad 4WD K8_2008 
Suzuki_Boulevard C109R VLR1800 K9_2009  Suzuki_GSX600F Katana_1996  Suzuki_LT-A750X KingQuad 4WD K7_2007 
Suzuki_Boulevard C109R VLR1800 L0_2010  Suzuki_GSX600F Katana_1997  Suzuki_LT-A750X KingQuad 4WD K8_2008 
Suzuki_Boulevard C109RT_2008  Suzuki_GSX600F Katana_1998  Suzuki_LT-A750X KingQuad 4WD K9_2009 
Suzuki_Boulevard C109RT_2009  Suzuki_GSX600F Katana_1999  Suzuki_LT-A750X KingQuad 4WD L0_2010 
Suzuki_Boulevard C109RT_2010  Suzuki_GSX600F Katana_2000  Suzuki_LT-A750X KingQuad 4WD L1_2011 
Suzuki_Boulevard L1_2011  Suzuki_GSX600F Katana_2001  Suzuki_LT-A750X KingQuad 4WD L2_2012 
Suzuki_Boulevard L2_2012  Suzuki_GSX600F Katana_2002  Suzuki_LT-A750X KingQuad 4WD L3_2013 
Suzuki_Boulevard L3_2013  Suzuki_GSX600F Katana_2003  Suzuki_LT-A750X KingQuad 4WD L4_2014 
Suzuki_Boulevard L4_2014  Suzuki_GSX600F Katana_2004  Suzuki_LT-A750XP KingQuad 4WD L4_2014 
Suzuki_C50/C50T Boulevard VL800 L1_2011  Suzuki_GSX600F Katana_2005  Suzuki_LT-A750XP KingQuad 4WD L5_2015 
Suzuki_C50/C50T Boulevard VL800 L3_2013  Suzuki_GSX600F Katana_2006  Suzuki_LT-A750XP KingQuad 4WD L6_2016 
Suzuki_C50T Boulevard VL800 K5_2005  Suzuki_GSX600F_2005  Suzuki_LT-A750XP KingQuad 4WD L7_2017 
Suzuki_C50T Boulevard VL800 K6_2006  Suzuki_GSX600F_2006  Suzuki_LT-F500F QuadRunner Manual 4WD K1_2001 
Suzuki_C50T Boulevard VL800 K7_2007  Suzuki_GSX600F_2007  Suzuki_LT-F500F QuadRunner Manual 4WD K2_2002 
Suzuki_C50T Boulevard VL800 K8_2008  Suzuki_GSX600F_2008  Suzuki_LT-F500F QuadRunner Manual 4WD W_1998 
Suzuki_C50T Boulevard VL800 K9_2009  Suzuki_GSX600F_2009  Suzuki_LT-F500F QuadRunner Manual 4WD X_1999 
Suzuki_C50T Boulevard VL800 L0_2010  Suzuki_GSX650-F K8_2008  Suzuki_LT-F500F QuadRunner Manual 4WD Y_2000 
Suzuki_C50T Boulevard VL800 L2_2012  Suzuki_GSX650-F K9_2009  Suzuki_LT-F500F Vinson Manual 4WD K3_2003 
Suzuki_C90 Boulevard (VL1500) K5_2005  Suzuki_GSX650-F L0_2010  Suzuki_LT-F500F Vinson Manual 4WD K4_2004 
Suzuki_C90 Boulevard (VL1500) K6_2006  Suzuki_GSX650-F L1_2011  Suzuki_LT-F500F Vinson Manual 4WD K5_2005 
Suzuki_C90 Boulevard (VL1500) K7_2007  Suzuki_GSX650-F L2_2012  Suzuki_LT-F500F Vinson Manual 4WD K6_2006 
Suzuki_C90 Boulevard (VL1500) K8_2008  Suzuki_GSX650-FU L2 LAMS_2012  Suzuki_LT-F500F Vinson Manual 4WD K7_2007 
Suzuki_C90 Boulevard (VL1500) K9_2009  Suzuki_GSX650-FU L3 LAMS_2013  Suzuki_LT-F500F Vinson Manual 4WD K8_2008 
Suzuki_C90T Boulevard (VL1500) L4_2014  Suzuki_GSX650-FU L4 LAMS_2014  Suzuki_LT-R450 QuadRacer K6_2006 
Suzuki_C90T Boulevard (VL1500) L5_2015  Suzuki_GSX650-FU L5 LAMS_2015  Suzuki_LT-R450 QuadRacer K7_2007 
Suzuki_C90T Boulevard (VL1500) L6_2016  Suzuki_GSX650-FU L6 LAMS_2016  Suzuki_LT-R450 QuadRacer K8_2008 
Suzuki_C90T Boulevard Boss (VL1500) L4_2014  Suzuki_GSX750F K1 katana_2001  Suzuki_LT-R450 QuadRacer K9_2009 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom K2_2002  Suzuki_GSX750F K2 Katana_2002  Suzuki_LT-R450 QuadRacer L0_2010 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom K3_2003  Suzuki_GSX750F K3 Katana_2003  Suzuki_LT-R450 QuadRacer L1_2011 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom K4_2004  Suzuki_GSX750F K4 Katana_2004  Suzuki_LT-R450 QuadRacer L2_2012 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom K5_2005  Suzuki_GSX750F K5 Katana_2005  Suzuki_M109R Boulevard VZR1800 K6_2006 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom K6_2006  Suzuki_GSX750F K6 Katana_2006  Suzuki_M109R Boulevard VZR1800 K7_2007 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom K7_2007  Suzuki_GSX750F Katana_1989  Suzuki_M109R Boulevard VZR1800 K8_2008 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom K8_2008  Suzuki_GSX750F Katana_1990  Suzuki_M109R Boulevard VZR1800 K9_2009 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom K9_2009  Suzuki_GSX750F Katana_1991  Suzuki_M109R Boulevard VZR1800 L0_2010 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom L0_2010  Suzuki_GSX750F Katana_1992  Suzuki_M109R Boulevard VZR1800 L1_2011 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom L1_2011  Suzuki_GSX750F Katana_1993  Suzuki_M109R Boulevard VZR1800 L2_2012 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom L2_2012  Suzuki_GSX750F Katana_1994  Suzuki_M109R Boulevard VZR1800 L3_2013 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom L3_2013  Suzuki_GSX750F Katana_1995  Suzuki_M109R Boulevard VZR1800 L4_2014 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom L4_2014  Suzuki_GSX750F Katana_1996  Suzuki_M109R Boulevard VZR1800 L5_2015 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom L5_2015  Suzuki_GSX750F Katana_1997  Suzuki_M109R Boulevard VZR1800 L6_2016 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom L6_2016  Suzuki_GSX750F Katana_1998  Suzuki_M109R Boulevard VZR1800 L7_2017 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom L7_2017  Suzuki_GSX750F Katana_1999  Suzuki_M109R Boulevard VZR1800 L8_2018 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom L8_2018  Suzuki_GSX750F Katana_2000  Suzuki_M109R Boulevard VZR1800 L9_2019 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom L9_2019  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 K1_2001  Suzuki_M109RBZ Boulevard VZR1800 L4 Limited B.O.S.S._2014 
Suzuki_DL1000 V Strom M0_2020  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 K2_2002  Suzuki_M109RBZ Boulevard VZR1800 L5 Limited B.O.S.S._2015 
Suzuki_DL1000XA (XT) V Strom L7 ABS_2017  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 K3_2003  Suzuki_M109RBZ Boulevard VZR1800 L7 Limited B.O.S.S._2017 
Suzuki_DL1000XA (XT) V Strom L8 ABS_2018  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 K4_2004  Suzuki_M109RBZ Boulevard VZR1800 L8 Limited B.O.S.S._2018 
Suzuki_DL1000XA (XT) V Strom L9 ABS_2019  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 K5_2005  Suzuki_M109RBZ Boulevard VZR1800 L9 Limited B.O.S.S._2019 
Suzuki_DL1000XA (XT) V Strom M0 ABS_2020  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 K6_2006  Suzuki_M109RBZ Boulevard VZR1800 Limited L6 B.O.S.S_2016 
Suzuki_DL650 A V Strom L3_2013  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 K7_2007  Suzuki_M109RZ Boulevard VZR1800 L3 Limited Edition_2013 
Suzuki_DL650 A V Strom L4_2014  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 K8_2008  Suzuki_M90 Boulevard VZ1500 K9_2009 
Suzuki_DL650 A V Strom L5_2015  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 K9_2009  Suzuki_M90 Boulevard VZ1500 L0_2010 
Suzuki_DL650 A V Strom L6_2016  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 L0_2010  Suzuki_M90 Boulevard VZ1500 L1_2011 
Suzuki_DL650 A V Strom L7_2017  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 L1_2011  Suzuki_M90 Boulevard VZ1500 L2_2012 
Suzuki_DL650 A V Strom L8_2018  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 L2_2012  Suzuki_M90 Boulevard VZ1500 L3_2013 
Suzuki_DL650 A V Strom LAMS Approved L4_2014  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 L3_2013  Suzuki_M95 Boulevard VZ1600_2005 
Suzuki_DL650 A V Strom LAMS Approved L5_2015  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 L4_2014  Suzuki_M95 Boulevard VZ1600_2006 
Suzuki_DL650 A V Strom LAMS Approved L6_2016  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 L5_2015  Suzuki_M95 Boulevard VZ1600_2007 
Suzuki_DL650 V Strom K4_2004  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 L6_2016  Suzuki_RF600R_1994 
Suzuki_DL650 V Strom K5_2005  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 L7_2017  Suzuki_RF600R_1995 
Suzuki_DL650 V Strom K6_2006  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 L8_2018  Suzuki_RF600R_1996 
Suzuki_DL650 V Strom K7_2007  Suzuki_GSX-R1000 L9_2019  Suzuki_RF600R_1997 
Suzuki_DL650 V Strom K8_2008  Suzuki_GSX-R1000A L8 ABS_2018  Suzuki_RF900R R-R_1994 
Suzuki_DL650 V Strom K9_2009  Suzuki_GSX-R1000A L9 ABS_2019  Suzuki_RF900R R-S_1995 
Suzuki_DL650 V Strom L0_2010  Suzuki_GSX-R1000A M0 ABS_2020  Suzuki_RF900R R-T_1996 
Suzuki_DL650 V Strom L1_2011  Suzuki_GSX-R1000RA L8 ABS_2018  Suzuki_RF900R R-V_1997 
Suzuki_DL650 V Strom L2_2012  Suzuki_GSX-R1000RA L9 ABS_2019  Suzuki_RF900R R-W_1998 
Suzuki_DL650 XA (XT) V Strom L5_2015  Suzuki_GSX-R1100_1990  Suzuki_RF900R R-X_1999 
Suzuki_DL650 XA (XT) V Strom L6_2016  Suzuki_GSX-R1100_1991  Suzuki_RF900R R-X_2000 
Suzuki_DL650 XA (XT) V Strom L7_2017  Suzuki_GSX-R1100_1992  Suzuki_RF900R R-X_2001 
Suzuki_DL650 XA (XT) V Strom L8_2018  Suzuki_GSX-R1100_1993  Suzuki_RF900R R-X_2002 
Suzuki_DL650 XA (XT) V Strom L9_2019  Suzuki_GSX-R1100_1994  Suzuki_RMX450Z_2017 
Suzuki_DL650 XA (XT) V Strom M0_2020  Suzuki_GSX-R1100_1995  Suzuki_S40 LS 650cc Boulevard K5_2005 
Suzuki_DR650 R/RSE_1994  Suzuki_GSX-R1100_1996  Suzuki_S40 LS 650cc Boulevard K6_2006 
Suzuki_DR650 R/RSE_1995  Suzuki_GSX-R1100_1997  Suzuki_S40 LS 650cc Boulevard K7_2007 
Suzuki_DR650 SE K1_2001  Suzuki_GSX-R1100_1998  Suzuki_S40 LS 650cc Boulevard K8_2008 
Suzuki_DR650 SE K2_2002  Suzuki_GSX-R1100_1999  Suzuki_S40 LS 650cc Boulevard K9_2009 
Suzuki_DR650 SE K3_2003  Suzuki_GSX-R600 K0_2000  Suzuki_S40 LS 650cc Boulevard L0_2010 
Suzuki_DR650 SE K4_2004  Suzuki_GSX-R600 K1_2001  Suzuki_S40 LS 650cc Boulevard L1_2011 
Suzuki_DR650 SE K5_2005  Suzuki_GSX-R600 K2_2002  Suzuki_S40 LS 650cc Boulevard L2_2012 
Suzuki_DR650 SE K6_2006  Suzuki_GSX-R600 K3_2003  Suzuki_S40 LS 650cc Boulevard L3_2013 
Suzuki_DR650 SE K7_2007  Suzuki_GSX-R600 K4_2004  Suzuki_S40 LS 650cc Boulevard L4_2014 
Suzuki_DR650 SE K8_2008  Suzuki_GSX-R600 K5_2005  Suzuki_S40 LS 650cc Boulevard L5_2015 
Suzuki_DR650 SE K9_2009  Suzuki_GSX-R600 K6_2006  Suzuki_S40 LS 650cc Boulevard L6_2016 
Suzuki_DR650 SE L0_2010  Suzuki_GSX-R600 K7_2007  Suzuki_S40 LS 650cc Boulevard L7_2017 
Suzuki_DR650 SE L1_2011  Suzuki_GSX-R600 K8_2008  Suzuki_S50 Boulevard K5_2005 
Suzuki_DR650 SE L2_2012  Suzuki_GSX-R600 K9_2009  Suzuki_S50 Boulevard K6_2006 
Suzuki_DR650 SE L3_2013  Suzuki_GSX-R600 L0_2010  Suzuki_S50 Boulevard K7_2007 
Suzuki_DR650 SE L4_2014  Suzuki_GSX-R600 L1_2011  Suzuki_S50 Boulevard K8_2008 
Suzuki_DR650 SE L5_2015  Suzuki_GSX-R600 L2_2012  Suzuki_S50 Boulevard K9_2009 
Suzuki_DR650 SE L6_2016  Suzuki_GSX-R600 L3_2013  Suzuki_S83 Boulevard K5 VS1400_2005 
Suzuki_DR650 SE L7_2017  Suzuki_GSX-R600 L4_2014  Suzuki_S83 Boulevard K6_2006 
Suzuki_DR650 SE L8_2018  Suzuki_GSX-R600 L5_2015  Suzuki_S83 Boulevard K7_2007 
Suzuki_DR650 SE L9_2019  Suzuki_GSX-R600 L6_2016  Suzuki_S83 Boulevard K8_2008 
Suzuki_DR650 SE M0_2020  Suzuki_GSX-R600 L7_2017  Suzuki_S83 Boulevard K9_2009 
Suzuki_DR650 SE_1996  Suzuki_GSX-R600 L8_2018  Suzuki_S83 Boulevard L0_2010 
Suzuki_DR650 SE_1997  Suzuki_GSX-R600 L9_2019  Suzuki_SFV650 Gladius K9_2009 
Suzuki_DR650 SE_1998  Suzuki_GSX-R600 W_1997  Suzuki_SFV650 Gladius L0_2010 
Suzuki_DR650 SE_1999  Suzuki_GSX-R600 X_1998  Suzuki_SFV650 Gladius L1_2011 
Suzuki_DR650 SE_2000  Suzuki_GSX-R600 Y_1999  Suzuki_SFV650 Gladius L2_2012 
Suzuki_GS1200SS_2001  Suzuki_GSX-R750 K1_2001  Suzuki_SFV650 Gladius L3_2013 
Suzuki_GS1200SS_2002  Suzuki_GSX-R750 K2_2002  Suzuki_SFV650 Gladius L4_2014 
Suzuki_GS500E_1994  Suzuki_GSX-R750 K3_2003  Suzuki_SFV650 Gladius L5_2015 
Suzuki_GS500E_1995  Suzuki_GSX-R750 K4_2004  Suzuki_SFV650 Gladius L6 Unfaired_2016 
Suzuki_GS500E_1996  Suzuki_GSX-R750 K5_2005  Suzuki_SFV650 Gladius L7 Unfaired_2017 
Suzuki_GS500E_1997  Suzuki_GSX-R750 K6_2006  Suzuki_SFV650 Gladius L8 Unfaired_2018 
Suzuki_GS500E_1998  Suzuki_GSX-R750 K7_2007  Suzuki_SFV650U Gladius L5 LAMS Approved_2015 
Suzuki_GS500E_1999  Suzuki_GSX-R750 K8_2008  Suzuki_SV1000 Bikini_2009 
Suzuki_GS500E_2000  Suzuki_GSX-R750 K9_2009  Suzuki_SV1000 K3_2003 
Suzuki_GS500E_2001  Suzuki_GSX-R750 L0_2010  Suzuki_SV1000 K4_2004 
Suzuki_GS500E_2002  Suzuki_GSX-R750 L1_2011  Suzuki_SV1000 K5_2005 
Suzuki_GS500E_2003  Suzuki_GSX-R750 L2_2012  Suzuki_SV1000 K6_2006 
Suzuki_GS500E_2004  Suzuki_GSX-R750 L3_2013  Suzuki_SV1000 K7_2007 
Suzuki_GS500E_2005  Suzuki_GSX-R750 L4_2014  Suzuki_SV1000 K8_2008 
Suzuki_GS500E_2006  Suzuki_GSX-R750 L5_2015  Suzuki_SV650 (unfaired) K1_2001 
Suzuki_GS500F_1994  Suzuki_GSX-R750 L6_2016  Suzuki_SV650 (unfaired) K2_2002 
Suzuki_GS500F_1995  Suzuki_GSX-R750 L7_2017  Suzuki_SV650 (unfaired) K3_2003 
Suzuki_GS500F_1996  Suzuki_GSX-R750 L8_2018  Suzuki_SV650 (unfaired) K4_2004 
Suzuki_GS500F_1997  Suzuki_GSX-R750 L9_2019  Suzuki_SV650 (unfaired) K5_2005 
Suzuki_GS500F_1998  Suzuki_GSX-R750 Sling Shot GR77B_1988  Suzuki_SV650 (unfaired) K6_2006 
Suzuki_GS500F_1999  Suzuki_GSX-R750 Sling Shot GR77B_1989  Suzuki_SV650 (unfaired) K7_2007 
Suzuki_GS500F_2000  Suzuki_GSX-R750 Sling Shot GR7AD_1990  Suzuki_SV650 (unfaired) K8_2008 
Suzuki_GS500F_2001  Suzuki_GSX-R750 Sling Shot GR7AD_1991  Suzuki_SV650 (unfaired) K9_2009 
Suzuki_GS500F_2002  Suzuki_GSX-R750_1985  Suzuki_SV650 (unfaired) X_1999 
Suzuki_GS500F_2003  Suzuki_GSX-R750_1986  Suzuki_SV650 (unfaired) Y_2000 
Suzuki_GS500F_2004  Suzuki_GSX-R750_1987  Suzuki_SV650 L6 ABS_2016 
Suzuki_GS500F_2005  Suzuki_GSX-R750_1992  Suzuki_SV650 L7 ABS_2017 
Suzuki_GS500F_2006  Suzuki_GSX-R750_1993  Suzuki_SV650 L9 ABS_2019 
Suzuki_GS500F_2007  Suzuki_GSX-R750_1994  Suzuki_SV650 M0 ABS_2020 
Suzuki_GS500F_2008  Suzuki_GSX-R750_1995  Suzuki_SV650AU ABS L8 LAMS_2018 
Suzuki_GS500F_2009  Suzuki_GSX-R750_1996  Suzuki_SV650AU ABS L9 LAMS_2019 
Suzuki_GS500F_2010  Suzuki_GSX-R750_1997  Suzuki_SV650S SK1_2001 
Suzuki_GSF1200 Bandit K6_2006  Suzuki_GSX-R750_1998  Suzuki_SV650S SK2_2002 
Suzuki_GSF1200 Bandit_1997  Suzuki_GSX-R750_1999  Suzuki_SV650S SK3_2003 
Suzuki_GSF1200 Bandit_1998  Suzuki_GSX-R750_2000  Suzuki_SV650S SK4_2004 
Suzuki_GSF1200 Bandit_1999  Suzuki_GSX-S1000 L5_2015  Suzuki_SV650S SK5_2005 
Suzuki_GSF1200S Bandit K2_2002  Suzuki_GSX-S1000 L6_2016  Suzuki_SV650S SK6_2006 
Suzuki_GSF1200S Bandit K3_2003  Suzuki_GSX-S1000 L7_2017  Suzuki_SV650S SK7_2007 
Suzuki_GSF1200S Bandit K4_2004  Suzuki_GSX-S1000 L8_2018  Suzuki_SV650S SK8_2008 
Suzuki_GSF1200S Bandit K5_2005  Suzuki_GSX-S1000A ABS L6_2016  Suzuki_SV650S SK9_2009 
Suzuki_GSF1200S Bandit_2000  Suzuki_GSX-S1000A ABS L7_2017  Suzuki_SV650S SL0_2010 
Suzuki_GSF1200S Bandit_2001  Suzuki_GSX-S1000A L6 ABS (Naked Model)_2016  Suzuki_SV650S SL1_2011 
Suzuki_GSF1250N_2007  Suzuki_GSX-S1000F L5 (Fairing Model)_2015  Suzuki_SV650S SX_1999 
Suzuki_GSF1250N_2008  Suzuki_GSX-S1000FA L5_2015  Suzuki_SV650S SY_2000 
Suzuki_GSF1250N_2009  Suzuki_GSX-S1000FA L6 ABS (Fairing Model)_2016  Suzuki_SV650X ABS L8_2018 
Suzuki_GSF1250N_2010  Suzuki_GSX-S1000FA L6_2016  Suzuki_SV650X ABS L9_2019 
Suzuki_GSF1250N_2011  Suzuki_GSX-S1000FA L7_2017  Suzuki_SV650X ABS M0_2020 
Suzuki_GSF1250S_2007  Suzuki_GSX-S1000FA L8_2018  Suzuki_SV650XA ABS L9_2019 
Suzuki_GSF1250S_2008  Suzuki_GSX-S1000FA L9_2019  Suzuki_SV650XA ABS M0_2020 
Suzuki_GSF1250S_2009  Suzuki_GSX-S1000FA M0_2020  Suzuki_TL1000R K1_2001 
Suzuki_GSF1250S_2010  Suzuki_GSX-S1000S RQ Katana L9_2019  Suzuki_TL1000R K2_2002 
Suzuki_GSF1250S_2011  Suzuki_GSX-S1000S RQ Katana M0_2020  Suzuki_TL1000R K3_2003 
Suzuki_GSF1250S_2012  Suzuki_GSXS1000YA L7_2017  Suzuki_TL1000R_1998 
Suzuki_GSF1250S_2013  Suzuki_GSXS1000YA L8_2018  Suzuki_TL1000R_1999 
Suzuki_GSF1250S_2014  Suzuki_GSXS1000YA L9_2019  Suzuki_TL1000R_2000 
Suzuki_GSF1250S_2015  Suzuki_GSXS1000YA M0_2020  Suzuki_TL1000S K1_2001 
Suzuki_GSF1250SA_2007  Suzuki_GSXS1000ZA L7_2017  Suzuki_TL1000S_1997 
Suzuki_GSF1250SA_2008  Suzuki_GSXS1000ZA L8_2018  Suzuki_TL1000S_1998 
Suzuki_GSF1250SA_2009  Suzuki_GSXS1000ZA L9_2019  Suzuki_TL1000S_1999 
Suzuki_GSF1250SA_2010  Suzuki_GSXS1000ZA M0_2020  Suzuki_TL1000S_2000 
Suzuki_GSF1250SA_2011  Suzuki_GSX-S750 L7_2017  Suzuki_VL1500 LC Intruder_1998 
Suzuki_GSF1250SA_2012  Suzuki_GSX-S750 L8_2018  Suzuki_VL1500 LC Intruder_1999 
Suzuki_GSF1250SA_2013  Suzuki_GSX-S750 L9_2019  Suzuki_VL1500 LC Intruder_2000 
Suzuki_GSF1250SA_2014  Suzuki_LS650 Savage K1_2001  Suzuki_VL1500 LC Intruder_2001 
Suzuki_GSF1250SA_2015  Suzuki_LS650 Savage K2_2002  Suzuki_VL1500 LC Intruder_2002 
Suzuki_GSF1250SAT_2008  Suzuki_LS650 Savage K3_2003  Suzuki_VL1500 LC Intruder_2003 
Suzuki_GSF1250SAT_2009  Suzuki_LS650 Savage K4_2004  Suzuki_VL1500 LC Intruder_2003 
Suzuki_GSF1250SAT_2010  Suzuki_LS650 Savage_1987 - 1993  Suzuki_VL1500 LC Intruder_2004 
Suzuki_GSF600/S Bandit K1_2001  Suzuki_LS650 Savage_1995  Suzuki_VL1500 LC Intruder_2005 
Suzuki_GSF600/S Bandit K2_2002  Suzuki_LS650 Savage_1996  Suzuki_VL1500 LC Intruder_2006 
Suzuki_GSF600/S Bandit K3_2003  Suzuki_LS650 Savage_1997  Suzuki_VL800 Volusia/Intruder_2001 
Suzuki_GSF600/S Bandit K4_2004  Suzuki_LS650 Savage_1998  Suzuki_VL800 Volusia/Intruder_2002 
Suzuki_GSF600/S Bandit K5_2005  Suzuki_LS650 Savage_1999  Suzuki_VL800 Volusia/Intruder_2003 
Suzuki_GSF600/S Bandit K6_2006  Suzuki_LS650 Savage_2000  Suzuki_VL800 Volusia/Intruder_2004 
Suzuki_GSF600/S Bandit K7_2007  Suzuki_GSX1200 Inazuma_2000  Suzuki_VS1400G Intruder K1_2001 
Suzuki_GSF600/S Bandit_1996  Suzuki_GSX1200 Inazuma_2001  Suzuki_VS1400G Intruder K2_2002 
Suzuki_GSF600/S Bandit_1997  Suzuki_GSX1200 Inazuma_2002  Suzuki_VS1400G Intruder K3_2003 
Suzuki_GSF600/S Bandit_1998  Suzuki_GSX1200_1999  Suzuki_VS1400G Intruder K4_2004 
Suzuki_GSF600/S Bandit_1999  Suzuki_GSX1200_2000  Suzuki_VS1400G Intruder_1991 - 2004 
Suzuki_GSF600/S Bandit_2000  Suzuki_GSX1250FA Bandit 1250F ABS_2016  Suzuki_VS1400G Intruder_1996 
Suzuki_GSF650 Bandit Non ABS K7_2007  Suzuki_GSX1250FA Bandit 1250F ABS_2017  Suzuki_VS1400G Intruder_1997 
Suzuki_GSF650 Naked Bandit Non ABS K8_2008  Suzuki_GSX1250FA Bandit 1250F ABS_2018  Suzuki_VS1400G Intruder_1998 
Suzuki_GSF650A Naked Bandit ABS K5_2005  Suzuki_GSX1250FA Traveller_2010  Suzuki_VS1400G Intruder_1999 
Suzuki_GSF650A Naked Bandit ABS K7_2007  Suzuki_GSX1250FA Traveller_2011  Suzuki_VS1400G Intruder_2000 
Suzuki_GSF650A Naked Bandit ABS K8_2008  Suzuki_GSX1250FA Traveller_2012  Suzuki_VS800GL Intruder_1995 
Suzuki_GSF650A Naked Bandit ABS K9_2009  Suzuki_GSX1250FA Traveller_2013  Suzuki_VS800GL Intruder_1996 
Suzuki_GSF650S Bandit ABS K6_2006  Suzuki_GSX1250FA Traveller_2014  Suzuki_VS800GL Intruder_1997 
Suzuki_GSF650S Bandit ABS K9_2009  Suzuki_GSX1250FA Traveller_2015  Suzuki_VS800GL Intruder_1998 
Suzuki_GSF650S Bandit ABS L0_2010  Suzuki_GSX1250FA Traveller_2016  Suzuki_VS800GL Intruder_1999 
Suzuki_GSF650S Bandit ABS L1_2011    Suzuki_VS800GL Intruder_2000 
Suzuki_GSF650S Naked Bandit ABS K8_2008    Suzuki_VS800GL Intruder_2001 
Suzuki_GSF650SA Faired Bandit ABS K6_2005    Suzuki_VS800GL Intruder_2002 
Suzuki_GSF650SA Faired Bandit ABS K6_2006    Suzuki_VS800GL Intruder_2003 
Suzuki_GSR600_2006    Suzuki_VS800GL Intruder_2004 
Suzuki_GSR600_2007    Suzuki_VX800_1990 - 1997 
Suzuki_GSR600_2008    Suzuki_VZ800 M50 Boulevard K5_2005 
Suzuki_GSR600_2009    Suzuki_VZ800 M50 Boulevard K6_2006 
Suzuki_GSR750 L1_2011    Suzuki_VZ800 M50 Boulevard K7_2007 
Suzuki_GSR750 L2_2012    Suzuki_VZ800 M50 Boulevard K8_2008 
Suzuki_GSR750 L3_2013    Suzuki_VZ800 M50 Boulevard K9_2009 
Suzuki_GSR750 L4_2014    Suzuki_VZ800 M50 Boulevard L0_2010 
Suzuki_GSR750 L5_2015    Suzuki_VZ800 M50 Boulevard L1_2011 
Suzuki_GSR750 L6_2016    Suzuki_VZ800 M50 Boulevard L2_2012 
Suzuki_GSR750A (ABS) L1_2011    Suzuki_VZ800 M50 Boulevard L3_2013 
Suzuki_GSR750A (ABS) L3_2013    Suzuki_VZ800 M50 Boulevard L4_2014 
Suzuki_GSR750A (ABS) L4_2014    Suzuki_VZ800 M50 Boulevard L5_2015 
Suzuki_GSR750A (ABS) L5_2015    Suzuki_VZ800 Marauder K1_2001 
Suzuki_GSR750A (ABS)_2012    Suzuki_VZ800 Marauder K2_2002 
Suzuki_GSX1100S D Katana_1983    Suzuki_VZ800 Marauder K3_2003 
Suzuki_GSX1100S E Katana_1984    Suzuki_VZ800 Marauder K4_2004 
Suzuki_GSX1100S F Katana_1985    Suzuki_VZ800 Marauder K5_2005 
Suzuki_GSX1100S X Katana_1981    Suzuki_VZ800 Marauder_1997 
Suzuki_GSX1100S Z Katana_1982    Suzuki_VZ800 Marauder_1998 
Suzuki_GSX1200 Inazuma_1998    Suzuki_VZ800 Marauder_1999 
Suzuki_GSX1200 Inazuma_1999    Suzuki_VZ800 Marauder_2000 
    Suzuki_XF650 Freewind_1997 
    Suzuki_XF650 Freewind_1998 
    Suzuki_XF650 Freewind_1999 
    Suzuki_XF650 Freewind_2000 
    Suzuki_XF650 Freewind_2001 
    Suzuki_XF650 Freewind_2002 
    Suzuki_XF650 Freewind_2003