Suzuki Motorbike

Suzuki Motorbike Selection from Kaitaia Motorcycles

If you are longing to escape into the bush and require an adventure vehicle to take you there, let us show you our diverse Suzuki motorbike selection. Ranging from the blisteringly quick Hayabusa and GSX ranges and the tough and lightweight off-road two-wheelers to the Suzuki 4x4 ATV, we are confident that you will find something to your liking.

What You Can Expect from Kaitaia Motorcycles Regarding the Suzuki ATV

Besides providing road, off-road, commuter, cruisers and superbikes, Kaitaia Motorcycles offers several different 4-wheel adventure vehicles. Dependent on what you plan on doing with your all-terrain vehicle, you might require certain specifications to make your next adventure as comfortable as possible or just to have a good time. We offer:

  • The LT-Z50 with a 49cc engine meant for children six years and older, and the LT-Z90 with a 90cc engine meant for children 12 years and older. These four-wheel vehicles are specially built for youth and children, with features such as a smaller size for easier riding and an electric starter system.
  • The farm four-wheel LT range consists of the 376cc LT-F400F and LT-A400F, the 493cc LT-A500X and LT-A500XP and the monstrous 722cc LT-A750XP. Due to their size and power, these four-wheel vehicles are great for adults and experienced riders.

Tips Regarding Maintaining Your Suzuki Four-Wheeler

Even though your four-wheel vehicle might be tough and reliable, you should be conscious of servicing your vehicles regularly as a means of preventing mechanical issues and unforeseen expenses. If you have your Suzuki quad bike serviced by a mechanic or see to it yourself, you should take note of the following tips:

  • You should preferably check and change your oil after every 100 hours of use, or at least once a year. These figures are dependent on how regularly you use your vehicle and can differ when used less or more.
  • Because you are most likely going to use your vehicle in extreme conditions and environments, be sure to check and replace air filters when needed. Air filters regulate engine temperature and cleanliness by filtering incoming air. These filters can become dusty and inefficient, which could cause damage to your engine.
  • Something usually overlooked is checking tire pressure, which could impact your shock absorbers’ lifespan and overall ride comfort, and bolts and nuts. When exposed to damp or wet conditions, metal bolts and nuts can oxidise and rust, decreasing the strength and safety of the vehicle.

Why you Should Buy a Suzuki Quad from Kaitaia Motorcycles

Serving as the most northern motorcycle and accessory shop in New Zealand, our company has been serving Kaitaia locals proudly since being founded. Our motorcycle accessories include maintenance equipment and branded apparel. We provide a range of services to support our clients, including helping you with Warrants of Fitness for motorbikes and trailers, reboring and mechanical services and reparation work on electrical parts. This enables you to have all your issues resolved at one location with the help of our polite and knowledgeable staff.

When looking for an adventure vehicle, speed demon or a daily commuter, feel free to browse our selection of products and accessories, or you can contact us directly for any queries.