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Cardo Communication systems

New Zealands no.1 motorcycle communications system 

Cardo manufacture some of the world’s leading motorcycle helmet intercom systems. All units in the range are IP67 certified waterproof and dustproof, ensuring you stay connected no matter what the trail throws at you.

We invented the world’s best motorcycle intercom to keep you connected in duo, in a group of four, or in a pack of up to fifteen riders.
All the music you ever wanted streamed directly from your smartphone. Control, share and experience your favorite tune on the road.
Merge any Bluetooth intercom with your mesh group conversation. Switch unit from DMC to Bluetooth mode to act as any high-end Bluetooth system.
You will never have to worry about a downpour, snow storm, dust or mud affecting your unit. 2-year warranty ensures your piece of mind on whichever road you choose to take.


Sound by JBL

Founded more than 70 years ago JBL has been a magnet for audiophiles of every generation. From concert halls to cinemas, to home entertainment and on the go, JBL is synonymous with audio excellence and innovation. A synergy of passion Music and motorcycling are both great passions. Cardo-JBL partnership delivers - for the very first time - an ultimate listening experience whether you are tackling a mountain pass or just zooming down the freeway.

Remote control your Cardo unit from your smartphone

Cardo Connect unlocks the full potential of your Cardo units. Configure your units on the go! Plus enjoy remote control operation from the screen of your smartphone.

Aerodynamic & streamlined design

Cardo units are the thinnest top-of-the-range motorcycle communication systems out there. We design them to decrease air resistance and reduce turbulence.

Dynamic Mesh Communication

Dynamic Mesh Communications (DMC) solves all Bluetooth traditional pains and turns PACKTALK BOLD into the most capable motorcycle communication system in the world. it even gets better the more units you add to the pack. With more than 3 years in the market, DMC is the only tried and tested mesh communication system available today.