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There’s nothing truer than the saying that you only get what you pay for, and when you buy a Suzuki Farm Motorcycle there’s more than just Japanese manufacturing to put a tick beside. There’s the fact that Suzuki has been the market leader year-on-year since the Trojan hit the showrooms back in 1996. Because we have years of development and engineering built into every model, we’re confident that we have the right farm bike solution for your property.

The DR200 Trojan is the benchmark for farm motorcycles, developed right here in New Zealand (Wanganui) and tested on local farms. The prototype was sent to Japan and when manufacturing started in 1995 nobody would have guessed that this model would sell all over the world.

The honourable TF125 can claim the status as a New Zealand icon with almost every farmer young or old usually able to tell a story about their first Mudbug. Why change something that works so well? Simplicity and sound engineering combine to make this one of Suzuki’s favourites.

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