Yamaha Outboard oil

Yamalube the Yamaha Outboard Oil

At Kaitaia Motorcycles, we carry a complete selection of Yamalube Outboard Oil to suit your Yamaha Outboard.

Yamaha Outboard oil we recommend is Yamalube to help. Engine wear, corrosion, and stick ring protection which are essential for optimal engine performance.


Engine Oil Features Yamaha Yamalube 10W-40 4-Stroke Synthetic Marine.
Engine life is extended significantly with this exceptionally advanced formula that offers superior anti-wear protection.
To maintain the health of your engine, it is important to utilize a potent antioxidant that can effectively cleanse and shield its internal components from harmful substances.
To protect and clean the engine, it has good action and dispersancy as a detergent.
At both idle and during operation, a specialized corrosion inhibitor safeguards essential engine components from damage.
Under all conditions, there are excellent anti-foam properties that guarantee good lubrication.
Api SJ exceeds standards.
The available sizes for this product on the shelf at Kaitaia Motorcycles are 4L 

Yamaha outboard, what's the optimal oil?
Outboards - Yamaha Lube Engine Oil.
Yamalube® 4M is a synthetic formula designed specifically for 4-stroke marine engines. Whether you're out on the water for leisure or professional purposes, this motor oil provides the necessary lubrication and protection to keep your engine running smoothly. It's made with a blend of high-quality base oils and advanced additives that work together to combat wear and reduce friction, making your engine more efficient. The special formula also helps to prevent corrosion, which is especially important in a marine environment. With Yamalube® 4M, you can trust that your engine is well taken care of, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time on the water.
For the ultimate performance of your Yamaha outboard, it is crucial to use marine performance oil. Regular automotive engine oils should be avoided due to the significant differences between your outboard engine and a car engine. The marine environment places unique demands on your engine, which is why it is essential to choose a motor oil specifically tailored for these rigors. Yamalube® 4M is a recommended option for 4-stroke outboards, while Yamalube® 2M is designed specifically for two-stroke outboards.


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